Saturday, July 18, 2015


My Refuge is a traditional heavy metal band from Italy. In 2015 they have a new album called "A Matter of Supremacy" on Bakerteam Records. Below is the track list, the band's bio, and a couple of songs for you to hear. If you like melodic heavy metal, check out My Refuge, the new album is already out.
1. A Storm Is Coming
2. The Cage
3. Calling of the Wind
4. Endless Night
5. Living in Anger
6. This Wall
7. The Raven
8. Empty Room
9. On Wings of Wax
10. Somewhere
My Refuge is:
Davide Vella - Vocals
Mauro Paietta - Lead Guitar
Simone Dettore - Lead Guitar
Salvatore Chimenti - Bass
Valerio Ferrari - Drums
My Refuge is a new sensation in modern Power and Heavy Metal, with influences coming from Progressive Rock and Melodic Metal, mixing melancholic and dark atmospheres with epic tunes. The band was born in 2010 and later that year they released the self-produced ep ‘3407 – Pictures Of An August Night’. In 2013 My Refuge released a new ep, 'Living In Anger', which was very well received by critics all over the world. At that point they started writing new songs and playing live relentlessly.
In 2015 My Refuge signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of the long waited debut album ‘A Matter Of Supremacy’, mixed and mastered at Eleven Studio under the supervision of producer Andrea De Bernardi. The album has deep roots in Classic Heavy Metal and bands such as Crimson Glory, Iron Maiden, Rage, Helloween and Blind Guardian to name a few, with a very personal touch and deep, introspective lyrics, often dealing with social and political issues.
My Refuge - A Storm Is Coming
MY REFUGE - The Cage (Oh Demon In My Eyes) official lyric video

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