Wednesday, July 29, 2015


by MMB
Morbid Slaughter (Peru): A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death (Boris Records/Inti Records)
Fanatics of South American raw and primitive extreme metal have September 4th to which to look forward. That is the date that Morbid Slaughter will have the new album ready for those that live and breathe barbaric metal. These Peruvians are totalitarian bestial metal alchemists through their secret of occult, sick metal. Play this album, hear it, and it sounds great! The members of the band have appropriate names, such as Ripping Corpse and Necrophiliac Sodomizer, names that we can all say aloud when we are gathered together around the water cooler at the office, talking about the newest music that we like. The conversations will go like this, “Oh yeah, Christine, that Necrophiliac Sodomizer is unstoppable on the new album! You should check out Morbid Slaughter for sure.”
They apparently started in 2009, but the spirit of the music says venombathorysodomhellhammermotorhead from the 80s. They have several demos and other recordings to which the metal freaks of Lima, Peru have been raging. These criminals do not want to exclude the world, so here they are now just about to let their songs loose on the world. The vocals are handled by Envenom, whose style comes proudly from the tradition of 80s Bathory.
The best part of the album is that it is really perfect for headbanging, very memorable, in an extreme metal way, but also in a dirty rock and roll kind of way. They know what they want: they want you to bang your head and get into the barbaric metal right now.
C’mon, join the barbaric metal brigade!
This is an old demo recording. This is NOT what the new album sounds like. The production is better. This is just to show what the band is all about.
Morbid Slaughter - Slay With Steel

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