Wednesday, July 1, 2015


by MMB
Majestic Downfall (Mexico): … When Dead (Pulverised Records)
Majestic Downfall is death doom led by old school death metallers Zombiefication's Mr. Jacko, who, according to Metal Archives, here does vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums (programming?). Mr. Jacko, as Zombiefication demonstrates, is a death metal warrior, but Majestic Downfall, you could say, reveals a different side. The growled vocals, the downtuned guitars, some bursts of speed and the heaviness are present here, too, yet, the exploration of melancholy within the heaviness makes Majestic Downfall an experience of a much more melodic range. I wouldn't have guessed that this project is connected to Zombiefication just from listening to Majestic Downfall. For me, the great difference is that melody and atmosphere are given more room to breathe and there is no hurry to speed up within a five-minute limit, like the normal Zombiefication song. There are really just four songs, from about 11 to 15 minutes long, but it's not monotonous funeral doom, which can test the listener’s patience for its riff-less repetition; this album has various colors and moods, including death/black metal fury; it's not all slow 24/7. Overall, not just talking about a song in particular, I get the sensation that Mr. Jacko has worked at adding melody, melancholy and guitar spice to the songs, and that's why I have kept listening to this album. Being heavy is easy for Mr. Jacko; adding variety to the heaviness, that's not so easy for anyone; that requires more effort. Death doom supporters could find Majestic Downfall’s “… When Dead” a very interesting album, the band's fourth.
MAJESTIC DOWNFALL - The Brick, The Concrete

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