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This is KILMARA from Spain, a modern, groove, melodic band.
"Heavy metal ,prog, power from Barcelona
"They were formed out of Barcelona in 2003, originally under the name Jadde and after releasing their very first demo, the band recruited vocalist Christian “Wolf” Kohl and soon with the help of his vision of direction, changed their name to Kilmara and released a 2nd demo in 2004. With the remainder of the band all native Spaniards, the German born Christian had to initially sing Kilmara’s songs in Spanish until they decided to expand their chances of success and popularity by switching from Spanish lyrics to English.
While the 3rd demo has songs in both Spanish and English, their debut CD ‘Hunting dreams’ produced by Rolff Munkes ( Empire, Majestyc, Razors Blade.... ) was entirely written and sung in English to help establish an international market and improve their chances of being signed by a record label. Despite being self-produced, ‘Hunting dreams’ was a decent and consistent melodic metal debut. With influences ranging from the DiAnno-era Iron Maiden to Savatage, Kilmara’s debut effort was a strong performance despite having a few obvious flaws like any new metal band would. However, overall it was a strong, respectable and honest effort that was enough to leave some anticipation and curiosity for the next release. Kilmara received a welcomed boost, when Spanish label Maldito Records signed the band and their latest release ‘Don’t fear the wolf’ was locally released in May 2010. The initial reviews of the CD were positive and it also reached #20 in the Spanish metal/rock charts, And recieved some Awards in diferents countrys.
In November of 2010, Kilmara signed with U.K. label Rising Records who then re-released ‘Don’t fear the wolf’ worldwide in early 2011. There have been a few line-up changes between releases, with bassist Salvador Perez leaving the band in 2010. He was replaced by Jose Sebasstian, however he left just after a short period of time and was replaced by current bassist Jose “Johanson” Castillo. The remainder of Kilmara includes drummer Javier Morillo and guitarists John Portillo and Kike Torres.
For the recording and producing process for ‘Don’t fear the wolf’, Kilmara left Spain for Slovakia, to Grapow Studios to work with Roland Grapow (of Masterplan and Helloween fame) to put together a more powerful CD than its predecessor. In many ways, it excels over the previous; obviously the production is one of the main improvements, but overall the heaviness, catchiness and songwriting has improved quite a lot. Even vocalist Christian Kohl has improved in his techniques and delivery; which at times sounded inconsistent on the debut. The guitar riffs throughout the CD are far crisper, deeper and harder-edged than before (compliments to John and Kike), while the melodies are rather intricate and memorable; thus the songs which appear on the CD have also improved and are of a higher calibre and quality. Kilmara to played with Baron Rojo, Saratoga, Los suaves, Dare, Winger, Metallium, Enforcer, Tank, etc....."
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