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Traditional heavy metal band IN VAIN (Spain) has a new album called "The Little Things That Matter" and Pure Steel Records is now releasing it. Pure Steel Records has this to say about In Vain.
With IN VAIN, formed in 2004 in Madrid, Spain, there is yet another band in our publishing sector. They’ve already released their third Album „The Little Things That Matter“ at the end of 2014 independently.
Thanks to straight, hymnic sing-along parts, rich and straight forward doublebass drums, powerful and sublime vocals and skilled twin-guitars, the Spanish quintet is able to cast a spell over every studded metalhead bursting with leather. The clear, transparent production and outstanding songwriting in the manner of teutonic legends like Running Wild, Grave Digger and more meets Mediterranean spontaneity, which gave a new spirit to the scene in the last few years!
IN VAIN deserve every support of all traditional headbangers; including gigs on festivals like Keep It True, Headbangers Open Air and more!
BIO in English and Spanish below. The BIO seems outdated or old, but here it is anyway. You can find out more below.
In Vain is a spanish metal band consisting of Daniel Cordón, Teo Seoane, Daniel B. Martín and Mario Arredondo. Its style is based in melodic heavy metal developed in the 80s by great bands like Iron Maiden, and later they added touches of power, speed and thrash to reach their current style. They have played numerous concerts and have released two demos, "Spirit of Earth" (2005) and "Dawn of Misery" (2007), and their first album which was released in November 2009, entitled "Of Gods and Men", and distributed by Santo Grial. This is another step in reaching a much harder sound and it got very good reviews in the specialized media, praising, in addition to the composition, the album production, even that is was completely self-released. They are currently presenting this album live and finishing the songs that will appear in their next album, expected for the second half of 2011.
In Vain es un grupo madrileño compuesto por Daniel Cordón, Teo Seoane, Daniel B. Martín y Mario Arredondo, que practica un estilo basado inicialmente en el heavy metal melódico desarrollado en los años 80 por grandes bandas como Iron Maiden, y al que después fueron añadiendo pinceladas de power, speed y thrash para conformar su sonido actual. Cuentan con numerosos conciertos a sus espaldas y dos maquetas editadas, "Spirit of Earth" (2005) y "Dawn of Misery" (2007), así como un primer disco que sale a luz en noviembre de 2009, bajo el título "Of Gods and Men", distribuido por Santo Grial. Éste supone un paso más en el endurecimiento de su sonido y recibe críticas muy positivas en los medios especializados, alabándose, además de la composición, el sonido obtenido, al ser un trabajo totalmente autoproducido.
Actualmente se encuentran presentando dicho LP en directo y dando los últimos toques a los temas que compondrán su siguiente disco, que planean editar en la segunda mitad de 2011.
Dragon Huntress - In Vain - The Little Things That Matter (2014)

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