Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Impurity (Brazil) plays old, occult black metal. The band has recordings from the late 80s and is active today. The band has a substantially discography, and Grayhaze Records has reissued "Into the Ritual Chamber" from 1996, the band's second album. (The debut is from 1993 and there were four demos before it.)
The new reissue version features the full album and seven bonus rehearsal and live tracks.
If you are into old Brazilian barbaric metal, check out Impurity. Below is more information about the reissue.
1. The Call
2. Baphomet’s Shield
3. Dilacerating the Gospel
4. Mystical Woman
5. “Untitled”
6. I.A.O. Treasury
7. Lucifer Spewing*
8. Into the Ritual Chamber*
9. Baphomet’s Shield*
10. Ecstasy Law*
11. The Lamb’s Fury/Dilacerating the Gospel*
12. Baphomet’s Shield*
13. Orgy of Flies (Sarcofago Cover)*
*Bonus tracks

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