Friday, July 17, 2015


Have you heard this ultra death metal from Indonesia?! If you like ultra death metal and you have not, go ahead and check them out. Below there is a video and a link to more of the band's music.
Here is some information about the band. This is a translation of the band's bio:
Nenx @ Guitar
Emon @ bass
Anang @ drum
Gina @ additional vocals
GIRLZEROTH established in August 14, 2006 the band were in gawangi neng @ Guitar, anang @ Drum, And Emon @ Bass. Its running time as we follow the development of underground music in this country, tides and strong winds we've been through together, with some change of our vocal formations also like to thank our former vocalist vocalists who have contributed to aspirations.
This is certainly not an obstacle for us to work, and for a while we bring GINA ADDITIONAL BRIDGE corpse to fill our VOCAL. keep the spirit of a more severe and pain hehe we are GIRLZEROTH. Thanks
Girlzeroth Live in Metal Hard Fest Kuningan 2015
Listen to more of the music from the band here:

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