Monday, July 20, 2015

ETERNAL SEDATION (Washington state, U.S.)

Eternal Sedation (Yakima)
Metal Archives says the following about this thrash band:
“Eternal Sedation was founded in 2013 in Yakima, Washington following the breakup of their previous band Pleasantly Demented. After many line up changes, Eternal Sedation finally found the sound that they have been looking for, Old school thrash mixed with progressive aspects of more modern metal. Releasing their first EP in November of 2013; Convulsions of the Mind; they quickly began to play shows all around the Pacific North West to gain a name for themselves. In April of 2015, Eternal Sedation released the Atrocities of Man EP, showcasing the growth in both music taste and ability. They are now in the process of writing for their full length and preparing for tours during the summer.”
“Atrocities of Man” is a free/name-your-price recording that you can hear on Bandcamp.

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