Saturday, July 25, 2015


DOOMED is a death doom band from Germany.
You can hear the music at Bandcamp, on which it says the following about the band.
"The fourth album of the German band, designed in the style of previous Doomed works, continues to present canonic doom death metal, rigid and uncompromising, but more vigorous in terms of performance. Guest vocalists, including Johan Ericson (Doom: VS) and Ed Warby (The 11th Hour), bring new paints and emotional colors to the album. At this time, however, changes occur in band ideology: this concept album considers the crisis of the modern world, with its conflicts and human sins, forcing musicians to reconsider the understanding of society and to seek ways out of this situation. Solution to all problems is on top of the Monolith. Monolith is growing every day, so it is impossible to reach the top..."

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