Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Derkéta (U.S.): In Death We Meet (2012) (reissue/remix with bonus tracks) (Ibex Moon)
When I think Derkéta, I think slow, massive death metal from back in the day, which now is just called death doom. If you can imagine Incantation covering Candlemass "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" songs, then you will have an idea what Derkéta sounds like. Sharon Bascovsky's vocals work primitive, low/gruff brutality all the way through. She keeps it as heavy as humanly possible. The drumming sounds raw and heavy. Unfortunately, the drummer, Terri Heggen, left the band after this album. The current drummer is Mike Laughlin (ex-Cattle Decapitation). The current band is: Sharon on vocals/guitar; Robin Mazen on bass; Mary Bielich on guitar; Mike on drums. It is my understanding that new music is planned, but for now, you can finally get the Derkéta album, if you haven't already. The cult legend is alive.
Derketa - "Goddess of Death"
Derkéta - Last Rites live 23 May 2013

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