Thursday, July 9, 2015


by MMB
Ctulu (Germany): Sarkomand (Black Blood Records)
What would you say that is the biggest problem with fast, extreme metal bands? Do you think that many groups sound generic, all speed, but you can’t remember the songs after the album ends? Is it that many bands simply do not have good riffs, so they hide behind the speed? It all depends on how you view it: how much blasting extreme metal do you hear each day?
Fortunately, these problems do not apply to Ctulu because the band works on making each song memorable through guitar work that stands out. Considering that this is blasting black metal, it impresses how much each song has extra hard work on the guitar hooks and melodies. Some people have observed that there is a classic-Dissection quality to the music, although it is rather inaccurate to make it appear like Ctulu sounds like Dissection per se. Speed is only one part of what the band does, not everything. Most of the material is fast, but there are other energies and vibes that make this interesting album even more worthy. This album is from 2011, but it is being reissued on vinyl. Given that the album has been around for several years, it is generally agreed that this is fast, melodic black metal and this album has received some very positive reviews in the past. Also, remember that Ctulu is still active today and that they have another album that has come out after this one.
Ctulu - Sarkomand

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