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If you are a hunter of death metal, always wanting to hear new death metal from all over the world, and you have not heard ATEN from Albania, here is some information about the band.
ATEN is death metal from Albania.
Aten formed in 2011. They recorded some material from those early years, like demo recordings; material that was not released. After the usual band members changes that happen in a group, the band began to have a more stable lineup in 2012. Things got better for Aten after 2012 because in 2014 the band had its first full-length album ready for the death metal world to hear. Below you can hear the full album. As you will hear, the album is a serious recording by a band that knows its death metal. Death metal people into Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Obituary, Incantation and the general vibe of traditional death metal should find the music to their liking. Again, the recording is not a demo, it is not a garage recording, but a serious death metal album that is worth a death metaller's time.
Horns of Evil album
1. Intro 01:06
2. Horns of Evil 03:07
3. Shine as Aten 03:10
4. When Love Bites Your Soul 02:52
5. Deathcraft 03:14
6. At Least Escape 02:57
7. No Command 02:19
8. Eternal Empire of Doom 04:39
9. ...Of the Fallen 03:37
10. Under the Shadow of God 03:48
11. Morbid Temple 04:01
Aten is:
Enea - Guitar, Vocals.
Bes - Drums.
Baltion - Bass Guitar, Back Vocals.
Atris - Guitar, Back Vocals.
Listen to the full album below, and consider supporting this band from Albania. As you can imagine, the world does not know much about metal from Albania, but it's never too late to begin to rectify this situation.
Busuk Webzine has an interview with Aten. The interview was posted on March 1, 2015. Here are some excerts from the interview.
My Interview with Death Metal band from Albania - ATEN
Can you tell us who else is in the band and what part do they play in the band as well?
Our current line-up is: Enea in vocals and guitar, Atris in guitar and back vocals, Bes in drums and Baltion in bass guitar and back vocals. All members play very important roles in the band, and we don't include session musicians as we all take part in music composition, and, most importantly, we're all friends.
Who came up with the name Aten? What is the meaning on the word? Also does it represent the music you play today?
Aten was founded by me (Enea) in 2011, with a different line up. The name “ATEN” refers to the Sun disc of old, as referenced in Ancient Egyptian scriptures. The origin of the name has no bearing to our music - we don’t employ any Eastern sounds/riffs neither like Nile or Melechesh, for example- rather we draw from the very concept it stands for, symbolically and metaphorically.lockquote>
How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t heard of Aten?
We dwell more in the ways of European Blackened Death and American Death Metal, although I don’t really like to box music into categories. The exception is “Shine as Aten”, a song in our current album that mentions the name of the band and a piece of Ancient Egyptian scriptures in the lyrics as well.
Congratulations on the 2014 full-length album ‘Horns of Evil’ how did the recording process went?
Thank you. This is our debut album as a band and I think it is and will be the most special album for us all. It was a really good experience, but not an easy process at all. Being in Albania, we have to tackle many difficulties due to a wide variety of reasons – common to all musicians here, but especially to the extreme scene – mainly because everything you do, you have do it by yourself and from the ground up. I'd say that this isn’t our best work yet, regarding the sound and all, but it was our first experience together, composing and recording and it really got us more connected.

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