Sunday, July 5, 2015


At the Dawn (Italy): Land in Sight (Bakerteam Records)
This band has arrived to do one thing and one thing only, and they do it exceptionally, undeniably well: high-quality, elegant melodic traditional, catchy metal with a bit of a prog edge. The songwriting is paramount for At the Dawn. The recording is professional and modern. The singing is pleasant to the ear, perfect for the band; it sounds like a full voice, not thin, not annoying, not weird. The singing is very attractive trait for listeners that like this style.
At the Dawn has another characteristic that is very appealing. They seem aware that some listeners will not give a band more than one chance; some listeners will listen to half a song and decide right then and there if they like it or not. At the Dawn's songs require just one listen to make a decision. It doesn't mean that there is not more aspects to discover with more listens, but it does mean that one listen works well for connecting with the public that is interested.
I'll tell you something else that is true: I have not heard this album many times yet! I have decided that I did not need to wait more time to figure out my reaction. I know that I will listen to this album more, but I know that I do not need more listens to know that it is a strong album. At the Dawn does everything right. I recommend it to listeners into melodic metal, music that has a wide appeal, for those looking for mature, song-centered, non-extreme metal.
AT THE DAWN - 'A Crow With No Wings' official video
At the Dawn - Land in Sight
(an Iron Maiden cover)
At the Dawn - Revelations

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