Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ARA'KUS heavy metal opera from Seattle

"Ara'Kus Productions combines fantasy based, atmospheric, story-driven theater with their signature style of symphonic, operatic heavy metal."
"Ara'Kus Productions is dedicated to creating atmospheric, story-driven theater that can't be found anywhere else. Using traditional operatic themes and weaving them together with symphonic heavy metal music they create stories that are not only seen and heard, but experienced.
Aeterno Elementum, their premier production, is a dark tale of a world riddled with corruption and cruelty, and of its inevitable, and violent, purge. Featuring a variety of performers, from fire-dancers to aerial acrobats, martial arts experts and fully armored knights engaged in authentic medieval combat, Aeterno Elementum is a stunning visual spectacle. Combine this with a soaring, operatic heavy metal symphony and you have a show that must not only be seen and heard, but felt, to be fully understood.
This information is from Facebook.
Jeremiah Johnson - Vocals and guitars
Vivian Lee - Vocals and violin
Olga Milovanova - Vocals
Rachel Boursaw - Keyboards
Ray Salamon - Bass
Jeremy Veleber - Drums
John Perlic - Cello
Molly Grossman - Violin
Ryan Aarestaad Brian Davis- Hopkins
Brittany DeMott
Ashley Selleck
Susan Smith
Deirdre Stinson
Pamela Gwizdak
Priest - B.J. Becker
Demoness - Synder
The Hero - Ryan Heflen
Bishop - Karl Deede
The Actor - Hiromi Cota
The Daimyo - Evan Christopher
The Daimyo's Bodyguard- Aaron Scull
The Daimyo's Wife - Patricia Yi
The Nobleman - Joshua Johnson
The Syren - Deirdre Stinson
The Assassin - Kyle Robinson
Assassin’s Wife - Brittany DeMott
Assassin's Daughter - Moira McGrath
The Star of Dawn - Melody Anne
The Warrior - Mike Folger
Warrior's Wife - Shannon Sherrodd
Assassin Leader - Jordin Mitchell
Assassin 1 - Blue
Assassin 2 - Rena Stone
Viking 1 - Michael "Velox" Cassell
Viking 2 - Brandon Worrell
The Imp - Richard Chartrand
The Conquered:
Lynn Grandin
Margaret Becker
Christopher James
Jessica Robbins
The Knights:
Rick Van Meter
Dylan Birtolo
Gina Kessler
Rena Stone
Allan Kemp
Kitty DeBerry
Mike Richards
Tiffany Kreider
The Children:
Moira McGrath
Selene Halbert
Lighting Design - Inky Grrl
Press Writer - John Stevenson
Director - Tori "Morgue Anne" McDonough
Stage Manager - Jenifer King
Stage Hands - Tony Davies, Michael 'Grimm' Lamoureux, Megan MacDonald
Composer/Writer - Jeremiah Johnson
Combat Choreography - Ryan Heflen
Sound Reinforcement Specialists - Alex Kiwerski

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