Monday, July 27, 2015


Below you can listen to the music of Aphasia, from Kenya. Here's a bit of info about the band, from the bio.
"Aphasia is a progressive metal core/death core band hailing from Nairobi Kenya.
Having drawn influences from bands such as veil of maya and misery signals, aphasia started out as a side project of the then FYLTH vocalist Red sabin and subsequently became a full time project upon the disbandment of FYLTH in 2011.
With their first release being more of an experimental electronic song, aphasia aimed to define their sound with their second release Hyperion which was released as the first single off their existentialist EP scheduled for release at a later date. Aphasia sights misery signals, elitist and veil of maya as their top influences but also draws inspiration from structures, substructures, volumes and seditionist with their instrumentation being more progressive but having a metal core hardcore vocal structure.
Aphasias themes are a portrayal of all that is wrong with the world spelling out doom for the evil doers and hope for the victims. we also think telletubies are creepy as ****."
Listen to Aphasia here:

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