Sunday, June 7, 2015

the redneck metal of GOLERS: "South Mountain Style"

GOLERS are a bunch of hillbillies that make other rednecks go, "You know you are a redneck if you listen to Golers."
Find out a bit more below. This is the official information and then go listen to it and realize you are a redneck, too, Jack.
After the success of their most recent album In 'n' Outlaws, THE GOLERS are set to release a digital re-issue of their 1999 debut album South Mountain Style. While the band may be known as the 'inbred militia" their sound is a far cry from the redneck style you would expect - The band is straight up punk/thrash in the style of Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, S.O.D and D.R.I. These are short blasts of fury that will have old-school punks, metalheads and crossover fans begging for more.
Past praise for the Golers:
"On its 14 chaotic tracks, the band’s fast and furious sound is what you get when you cross Reign in Blood-era Slayer with DRI."-Brave Words
"It is fair to say that there is no weak moment across the whole of In ‘n’ Outlaws."-Ringmaster Reviews
"This fast-evil-punk-thrash-metal music that these guys put out is bound to make your ears bleed (in the best way possible) and leave you wanting more… more metal… more hillbilly… more GOLERS."-Canadian Punk Rock
"When you’ve named your band after a clan of sexual-slavery-practising, inbred Nova Scotian hillbillies—or whatever they call a hillbilly in Nova Scotia—you have to tread a line: too much humour and you’ll be accused of making fun of poor people, too little and journalists might consider asking questions like “So, how many of you are actually inbreds?” Homegrown thrash-metal/hardcore heroes the Golers tread this line brilliantly. They have plenty of humour in their lyrics."-Georgia Straight
"From start to finish, In ’n’ Outlaws is an unadulterated assault on the senses. It’s a consistently nasty album from a band who know how to shred and thrash. One for people who miss extreme metal and punk from the 80s."-Ghost Cult Magazine

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