Saturday, June 20, 2015


The Negation (France): Memento Mori (Kaotoxin Records)
The Negation is a major cacophonous car pileup of clinical modern black metal. When this album is on, the aural chaos is in motion, moving from one dumpster dive of modernity to another upheaval underbelly of the gutters of grime of the cities. It sounds like cyborg-robotic hybrid of hate and fury illustrated in a musical form. The blasting is going on all the time and the screaming seems to stop for a second only to start again. The bottom line: you want to hear modern extreme metal in 2015 and The Negation is glad to oblige. You might even say that The Negation incorporates some elements of industrial music, in the sense that it is meant to be alienating and unfriendly and machine-like in precision. The band surely wants to embody chaos in the sound and this they do very well. I would be very interested to see how this music sounds live. For now, speaking of this album, this is the sounds of modern extreme in 2015. Prepare yourself for a rather disturbing listen and just know that this album will never sound comfortable to the ear. There is a tiny bit of melody in the black metal guitar work, but there is a whole lot of racket taking place, too. You wanted chaos, and you got chaos, now what are you going to do with it?
THE NEGATION "Memento Mori" [teaser #2]
THE NEGATION "Memento Mori" [teaser]
This is an older song from their previous album, just to provide an idea of the sound.

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