Monday, June 8, 2015

NEWS: traditional doom: Desolate Pathway (UK): "Valley of the King"

DESOLATE PATHWAY traditional doom metal in the style of Candlemass
This is the official information about the band.
Tread the Desolate Pathway, and follow the great Prince Palidor as he reclaims his throne. Formed by former guitarist Vince Hempstead of doom legends Pagan Altar, Desolate Pathway are a traditional band for the modern era. Their début album, Valley of the King, weaves a grandiose and fantastical tale, a quest of a prince claiming his rightful throne of lights, wrapping the tale in true epic doom stylings and powerful sonorous vocals.
Kicking off with the grand title track, the album plunges into a world of dark fantasy, befitting the riff-filled doom pouring from the speakers. Dispensing with keyboards and other accoutrements, Desolate Pathway focus on the important makings of a metal album: powerful riffs, thundering drums and a vocalist-storyteller leading the listener through the tormenting “Forest of Mirrors”, past the “King of Vultures” and eventually “Upon the Throne of Lights”, where Prince Palidor seeks to take back his crown.
Fans of the old vanguard of doom will no doubt be familiar with the tropes that Desolate Pathway employ; Candlemass, Solstice (UK), Sorceror (Swe) and the much-missed Cirith Ungol all come to mind. However, there’s also an undeniably ‘heavy metal’ atmosphere to much of this album, and comparisons can easily be drawn to Manowar’s Eric Adams in a more somber/bard-like mood.
There are more than a few surprises on the way, though: screaming guitar solos, and constantly evolving song structures, for a fully immersive journey. There are even introspective moments such as in “Last Of My Kind”, an epic hard rock flavor in “Season Of The Witch”, and even a nod to King Diamond’s high-pitched cackle in “Shadow Of The Tormentor”.
Having formed in April 2014, Desolate Pathway bring together their love of traditional and retro doom bands, as well as ideas drawn from epic fantasy such as Lord Of The Rings, A Song Of Ice And Fire and the Vikings TV series. Channeling these into their début album Valley Of The King, the band has been met with great success and praise. Among the high-scoring reviews and top-notch gig/festival dates booked, one of the standout unique moments is an appearance on’s Brutally Delicious program, a heavy metal cooking show hosted by Bruce Moore.
Desolate Pathway are:
Simon Stanton: Vocals
Vince Hempstead: Lead Guitar
Nuno Silva: Rhythm Guitar (since May 2015)
Jim Rumsey: Bass Guitar
Mags: Drums
Desolate Pathway online:

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