Wednesday, January 28, 2015

monster double album of melodic prog ARCANE (Australia)

If you are into melodic prog, check this out: ARCANE. Double album is out now. This album will take a long time to be deciphered!
Sensory Records
Release: 20 January 2015
Arcane - Instinct
Arcane - Hunter, Heart & Home
Disc 1 - Known
1. Promise [Part 2] 08:53
2. Unturning 08:25
3. Instinct 07:01
4. Womb (In Memoriam) 02:26
5. Selfsame 08:24
6. Holding Atropos 04:10
7. Keeping Stone: Sound on Fire 09:22
8. Learned 23:16
Disc 2 - Learned
1. Hunter, Heart & Home 07:47
2. Little Burden 07:47
3. Impatience and Slow Poison 07:02
4. Known 02:51
5. Nightingale’s Weave 08:32
6. Eyes for the Change 06:19
7. Keeping Stone: Water Awake 07:35
8. Promise [Part 1] 02:15

Monday, January 26, 2015

Metal Bulletin Zine, issue number 50

The new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine, issue number 50, is now available for reading online and free download.
Blood and Thunder, Northern Bastard, Sadistic HelSkag
Hexe Eye, Wretch, Omnihility, Bloodtruth
Necrodeath, Shards of Humanity, Algebra, Game Over, NervoChaos, Foreseen HKI black/death:
Noctem, Empty, Inferion, Cainan Dawn, Sidious
free metal music:
Strife, Gentry Lord, Skyforest, Avalon Steel, Shattering Ice

Sunday, January 25, 2015

death/thrash from Ohio, US: Unkured - They Live, We Sleep

Metal Bulletin Zine likes the music of UnKured.

Have you heard it yet?!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

free EP of necrodepressive black metal: Shattering Ice

Shatttering Ice (Denmark)
Shattering Ice is lo-fi necrodepressive black metal exclusively for listeners into this very specialized form of black metal. This is a one-person project and the objective is “grimness,” general ugliness of the soul, and the sounds of angerfrustrationloneliness hatred.

free EP of traditional heavy metal: AVALON STEEL

Avalon Steel (U.S.)
Avalon Steel is traditional heavy metal from North Carolina, U.S. In short, if you want to hear heavy metal with zero or very little of core/growl/trends, then look into this band because their songs are an allegiance to heavy metal, and nothing else.

free "post-black metal": SKYFOREST

Skyforest (Russia)
This album sounds a like quality and professional recording. Skyforest is atmospheric/symphonic metal with shrieked vocals, the majority of the time. Some people call it “post-black metal.” At any rate, there are some melodic singing segments, and the music would probably go over well with the listeners into “post-metal” like Agalloch and Falloch maybe.

free: unique metal from Finland: GENTRY LORD

Gentry Lord (Finland)
Gentry Lord is something like a crazier King Diamond/horror metal one-person project. Part circus animal party, part horror metal, part weirdo space alien heavy/speed/shred metal, Gentry Lord is for those that purposely look for strange metal sounds. It sounds like metal music for Halloween, but for Gentry Lord every day is Halloween. The vocals are crazy nuts, the playing is insane and this is all by one person. Do you know how to spell “dedication to space horror metal”? Spell it G-E-N-T-R-Y L-O-R-D.

free black metal from Wisconsin, U.S.: STRIFE

Strife (U.S)
Strife is atmospheric, cave black metal from Wisconsin, U.S. The demonic gremlin vocals and lo-fi aesthetics characterize Strife as a gruesome landscape of nihilism. This one is for those into necrodepressive and atmospheric grim black metal.

new, from Washington state: Theories "Cycle of Decay" (OFFICIAL)

Raw Footage: Yob at Hoverfest (Part I - Quantum Mystic - In Our Blood)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Are you ready for death metal?: EXHUMED - "Open The Abscess - Redux" (Official Track)

Exhumed has re-recorded "Gore Metal" from 1998 and this February 10th the band will have the new version ready to sicken everybody again. Call the ambulance and tell them you'll be needing to be picked up soon. Call 1-800-GORE-FUN.

Haver you heard?: Infiltrator "Hellripper" (Unspeakable Axe Records)

new: heavy metal SHADOWBANE featuring the Black Rain Survivors Choir - Dystopia (Special ...

heavy metal Shadowbane (Germany) has its debut coming up soon.

Listen to the band's song "Dystopia"!!!

Facing the Fallout


Release date:
January 16th, 2015

Pure Steel Records

1.Red Alert00:50 
2.Beyond the Winds of War04:45 
4.Under Bleeding Skies06:06 
5.After the Fallout04:52 
7.Tear Down the Wall05:51 
8.Badlands Law04:32 
9.Last Division05:14 
10.Source of Grief04:43 

melodic metal: SoulHealer - The Journey Goes On (Official video)

If you like melodic metal, be sure to listen to Soulhealer from Finland.

melodic heavy metal: SoulHealer - Dead Man Walking

Thursday, January 15, 2015

the heavy metal of WRETCH (U.S.)

Wretch: Warriors (Pure Steel Records)
Wretch embodies traditional heavy metal and represents what heavy metal lifers are about. Supporters of this style know that a band like Wretch will never be the darling of the metal media. Wretch does not wear attention-seeking gimmicky clothing; they don't wear masks or makeup to impress the impressionable people and the sensationalist, gossip-driven mud-slinging metal publications.
Why do people listen to Wretch? The fundamental reason is because you like traditional heavy metal played by grownups. Maybe you’ve had enough of the nonsense and tomfoolery of the gossip in metal, of the fashion games, of the constant dirty-laundry self-prostitution and trend-jumping that metal bands do.
Wretch plays music out of love for metal. Wretch is headbanging metal with hooks. Every song sounds like the band has worked on it to make it meet the album’s standards of quality. Maybe you like bands like Savatage and Armored Saint? Perhaps you’re into Jag Panzer and the latter-day Metal Church sounds? It could be that you follow traditional metal from Europe and other places where these sounds are more appreciated. Whatever it is, Wretch is a traditional heavy metal band from the state of Ohio, U.S. and this band plays its heart out on the album. Expect non-poppy/non-happy uptempo/midtempo grit/street heavy metal.

thrash/death from Guatemala: Hexe Eye

Hexe Eye (Guatemala)
This publication does not have much information about Hexe Eye, but what is for sure is that the music should be interesting for those that support up-and-coming metal bands, and in this case it is a death/thrash band from Guatemala. The band has what appear to be demo recordings that you can hear on Facebook and YouTube. Anyway, it’s difficult to keep a metal band together, regardless of where you live. It’s not easy to keep together an extreme metal, and it’s probably harder to do it in Guatemala than some other places. Maybe this is only the beginning of Hexe Eye.

the prog of BARBORA

Barbora (UK)
Barbora is a prog metal project with an influence from old Opeth. Barbora (the person) plays the guitars, and she also writes the lyrics and music. Barbora seems to be a project at the moment, with help from various friends, but it might not be long before this is a band. If you like to hear young artists who show promise, and you are interested in prog influenced by old Opeth, look into the 2014 EP “Tartarus” at Bandcamp.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

horrid black metal in the state of Washington: Sadistic HelSkag

Sadistic HelSkag
On ReverbNation there are several songs of this horrid black metal recorded in a cave somewhere in Friday Harbor in the state of Washington. Metal Bulletin Zine basically just found out about this band. The members are supposedly two humans who are anonymous as Entity 1 and Entity 2. Sadistic HelSkag: ugly music for ugly minds and ugly souls, made especially for you.

MANILLA ROAD - New album "The Blessed Curse" out February/13/2015 - Teaser

slam death metal from California: Bloodscribe - Enslaved By Deceptions (Official Video)

Here are two video by slam death metal vandals from California called BLOODSCRIBE.
If you like the heavy growling metal, that's how this band rolls.
BLOODSCRIBE live Los Globos 01/13/2015

free/name-your-price heavy metal from Finland: FREEDOMINATION

Freedomination has an EP that they would like you to hear. Old school heavy metal is what they do. If you would like to hear a thrashy form of heavy metal, give this band a listen.

Monday, January 12, 2015

the traditional heavy metal of Space Vacation (U.S.)

Space Vacation (U.S.): Cosmic Vanguard (Pure Steel Records)
Traditional heavy metal band Space Vacation must have had it up to here with all the talk about “less is more.” Two-note guitar playing is not a virtue. More talent is better; better riffs is better; greater creativity is better; more talent is more; more is more. Space Vacation tells us something by naming the first song “More is more” in which they criticize the the notion that “less is more.”
Space Vacation is about singing, riffs, solos, hooks, melodies and catchy songs. Space Vacation wants to know whatever happened to rocking out like Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and Scorpions? Remember when heavy metal was young and fun? Now bands seem more interested showing how “angry” they are. Does nobody want to rock out anymore? Space Vacation wants to know.
If you like the idea of a band dedicating time to learning how to play guitar, to devoting time to solos and riffs, to a singer that wants to sing well and sound good, to having metal songs that you can remember after the music stops playing, then consider Space Vacation, for whom talent, skill, dedication, creativity and memorable songs are important things.
Space Vacation 'Rolling Thunder' Official Music Video HD 2014

Friday, January 9, 2015

metal from Washington state: Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder
Blood and Thunder is a band from Everett/Seattle and they are “symphonic melodic death metal.” Their most recent album is “A Reality in Ruins” from 2013. They also have an EP from 2009, an album called “Dawning of the Ancients” from 2011 and another EP from 2012. Blood and Thunder forges shredding-and keyboards metal with neoclassical metal, with growled vocals (black-ish shrieking) and speedy songs. The band’s music shows that they believe that metal guitar players should have ability and imagination so that each song has an identity. The band names Wintersun and Kalmah, amongst others, as influences, which means an emphasis on quality.
Blood And Thunder - Enthroned In Ice (lyrics) [HD]

upcoming grind album from: Vulture Locust - Command Presence [3 Song Advance Sampler // Album Relea...

Have you heard?: APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - This Mania

black metal from Germany: AETHERNAEUM „Transzendenz“ (Live @ Rock For Roots 2014)

black metal from Brazil: PATRIA - Symmetry of Imperfection (Official Lyric Video)

metal from Argentina: Draconis - My Downfall (VIDEO OFICIAL)

read online Metal Bulletin Zine number 49

Metal Bulletin Zine is a metal music zine. Issue 49 now available to read online and download. Go here:

in case you missed it: the thrash of Untimely Demise (Canada): Systematic Eradication

Untimely Demise (Canada): Systematic Eradication
Untimely Death is not friendly towards the government or politicians or nuclear radiation. The vocals are a bit shrieked, but the riffing and shredding will be instantly recognizable to the thrash supporter that says “yes” to thrash and “yes” to headbanging metal. To the mosh pit, total love-it-all thrash fanatics!
Untimely Demise - A Warrior's Blood

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Metal Bulletin Zine is on Twitter

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Feel fee to unfollow Metal Bulletin Zine at any time. No offense taken.
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If you find that Metal Bulletin Zine unfollows you, feel fee to unfollow the zine if you are offended.
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Thank you and have a nice day.

groove metal from Greece: CHAOS ETERNAL

power metal from Japan:Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA: Requiem for a Scream」/

Saturday, January 3, 2015

prog metal: Cea Serin (US)- Holy Mother (Lyric Video)

Cea Serin (US)
"mercurial metal for the eccentric and esoteric" (self-description)

Cea Serin - Holy Mother (Lyric Video)

ultra death metal: Pathology - "Harvest" (Throne of Reign | New Song) (2014)

ultra death metal
releases a DM album every year

hear for yourself here:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

a new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine is now available: number 49

metal music zine; Heathen Washington, Darkness Avowed, Introtyl, Cadaveria, Eden Weint Im Grab, Einherjer, Alltheniko, Draconis Infernum, Primordial, Smirking Revenge, Powerlord, Incubus, Terminal Death, Mefisto, Morthra, Pentacle, Manilla Road, Ending Quest, Rude, Horrendous, Cloven Hoof, Marrow of Earth, Observer, Dismemberment Torture, Girlzeroth

FREE black metal recording: Observer (Brazil): from Metal Bulletin Zine 49

Observer is a black metal from Brazil whose concept revolves around the panopticon, where control and power are everywhere in society. The band plays fast black metal and uses some melodic vocals, too. This three-song EP is very impressive, and if you are looking for Michel Foucault-inspired intellect in black metal, you might enjoy this band’s take on the concept of power. Obtain their 2013 EP for free/name your price below.

FREE recording: from Metal Bulletin Zine 49: Marrow of Earth (U.S.)

Marrow of Earth (U.S.): EP 2014
Formed in 2013 and this is their first recording. Marrow of Earth is the new name of Divulgence (2008-2013) from South Carolina, U.S. For this reason, the recording sounds like a band that has experience, as opposed to a young band recording the first demo. Marrow of Earth is a type of mix of death/black/thrash that is most concerned not with genre, but with headbanging tunes. The EP is free/name your price below.

from Metal Bulletin Zine 49: death metal INTROTYL from Mexico

Introtyl (Mexico)
The origins of this death metal band go back to 2008. In 2013 they released an EP titled “Several States of Violence” and with it announced themselves to the death metal world. Cannibal Corpse-style of no-musical- members are Rose, Mayra, Kary, Morgan and Sariux. They have songs on Facebook and ReverbNation. Let’s hope the EP is just the beginning.

from Metal Bulletin Zine 49: Darkness Avowed from the state of Washington

Darkness Avowed
Forget about all the tree hugging, and get back to the only thing that matters in life: death. Darkness Avowed is from Olympia, Washington, according to Metal Archives. They have a self-titled EP from 2013. If you want to hear band that sounds fiendish and sick, you’ve come to the right place.

Sweet Nightmares metal music show is on right now

listen live right NOW
Sweet Nightmares metal music show is on
Thursday nights: 11PM -2AM (Central Time, U.S.)