Friday, September 26, 2014

part 2: metal music show host Seamus from Excuse All the Blood

This is the second part of the chat posted the other day.
INFO about the show.
Seamus from "Excuse All the Blood": chatting with a metal music show host in the state of Washington
the show Excuse All the Blood is on every Friday night at 11pm (Pacific Time; United States) at
What is your opinion of core music, like "metalcore"?
I was never into it much, aside from a few bands. I was really into Shadows Fall's 'Of One Blood' when that came out, I liked Darkest Hour's 'The Mark of the Judas' and I saw 18 Visions at a club in Auburn, WA and they were so intense. Then they got really emo. That whole scene seems more focused on fashion than music. There isnt a big difference between that and the glam scene-put some eyeliner on, do your hair and you're set! Hell, I'd rather listen to Ratt than most of the 'Core' bands.
Stoner and sludge seem popular these days. Portland, Oregon seems to have a scene of those sounds. What do you think? Are there sludge bands that you like and sludge bands that you don't? Is this a new trend now?
I get why it's so popular but doesn't do a ton for me. I often associate this scene with smoking pot and I'm straightedge so maybe that's why. Is Neurosis a pre-sludge band? I respect them but have never been a big fan. Sleep is cool enough, I respect them. I love Crowbar, like Buzzov*en and Acid Bath but overall I can't get into it. I like the first Yob album. Overall, I like the music but the vocals usually aren't my thing.
Are there bands from Washington state that you like a lot currently?
I was a MASSIVE Queensrche fan and saw them 32 times. Once they kicked Geoff out of the band...that was a like a death in the family for me. Earlier this year I saw Geoff live five times in three nights. SO FUN! Funerot is one of the greatest bands of all time. They've broken up but they played live on Excuse All the Blood years ago. I'm friends with their drummer, Reuben. He's now in Christian Mistress-a great band. I used to jam with their guitarist, Oscar. He is so damn good! I used to call him Yngwie, Junior. Wolves are great, I like Ceremonial Castings. Scorched Earth unfortunately broke up but they kicked ass. Drawn and Quartered. Pathos, from Spokane, were amazing. I used to book shows but since I started teaching I'm not as involved in the scene as I used to be and feel a bit out of touch with the current local bands. Most of the music I listen to is foreign.
How do you remember the 90s in your case? Were you into rap rock/groove rock and grunge or were you into death metal and Scandinavian bands at the time? Did you ever go to a Slipknot or Limp Bizkit or grunge show or were you wearing corpse paint all day long? Do you have any embarrassing confessions about some concerts that you attended?
I never got into the trends of that decade. I saw Limp Bizkit once-they played at Wrestlemania. I saw Korn a bunch of times-opening for House of Pain, opening for Metallica, opening for Ozzy and opening for Megadeth (on the day Jerry Garcia died. Fear Factory and Flotsam and Jetsam also played) but never liked either band. I didn't hate Korn as I did LB, though. As for grunge, I liked Alice in Chains as they were the heaviest of those bands. When grunge was big I was in junior high but when the nu-metal thing hit, I was firmly planted as a metalhead wearing an Incantation shirt.
You are a school teacher. Do your students know that you are a metal music dj? Does your school ever allow you to wear t-shirts, like on casual Friday? I think every human being on the planet knows that you love Kiss, so I suppose you could wear Kiss makeup for Halloween at school, too? Would that be too much at school? It's difficult to say because everyone is so politically correct, that someone might be offended with Kiss, too, I guess. King Diamond might be too much, eh?
My students don't know about the show-it's easier that way. Although its High School I'm aware that some parents may not be comfortable with "my kids teacher listens to Rotting Christ!" Students know about my KISS-thing of course and I will try to incorporate some lighter metal into lessons. Example-on a lesson about hangings I played 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' as students walk in. I do host the 'Metal Club' every week-where students come in, listen to music and go over what concerts are coming to town. I've seen students at shows before-at a Dark Tranquility show and then at a Light This City one.
I assume that you are not excited about the Sanctuary reunion because you say that reunions are shady. Is it a coincidence that Sanctuary is back now that Nevermore is not active? Are some people just trying to do whatever earns them money in order not to have a day job? Do some people dread the idea of a "9 to 5" regular job and will "reunite" whatever in order to make money?
I love Sanctuary! 'Refuge Denied' rules! That reunion seems far more sincere since it doesn't seem like Warrell ever gave up on the band. I understand why bands get back together-its usually a business move but at the same time, maybe they miss playing those songs. A few years ago I saw Carcass on their reunion tour-it was horrible. I love Carcass but they were sloppy and I was let down. Their legacy was a bit tainted because of that. At the Gates was amazing before they broke up. It's impossible to recapture that magic so I didn't bother with that reunion. I saw them with Morbid Angel and then with Napalm Death while in High School.

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