Thursday, September 18, 2014

Omnizide (Sweden): Death Metal Holocaust (Carnal Records)

Omnizide (Sweden): Death Metal Holocaust (Carnal Records)
Sophistication and modernity are overrated. Hellhammer and Sarcófago are not. The vocalist sounds like he’s from primal 80s black metal like Bathory and the rest of the band is attacking their instruments in a way that make them sound awful, like early Death or Nihilist or early Carcass. Omnizide don’t want to hear about the wonders of modern technology to improve metal and to jazz it up for the young kids who need something cool to follow. Go find an open grave and jump in it, Omnizide will tell you. Dirty and raw metal is the way of Omnizide.
Omnizide - Rotting Flesh Parade

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