Saturday, September 27, 2014

Brood of Hatred (Tunisia): Skinless Agony

Brood of Hatred (Tunisia): Skinless Agony
Perhaps taking their name from the Suffocation song from the album “Pierced from Within” (1995), these Tunisians show that sometimes it does not matter whence you band originates. With a bit of expertise, if you want to play “technical-prog death metal,” anything is possible. Brood of Hatred has the blasting and heaviness, as expected. That’s not all they do, though. An important reason for which I have kept coming back to the music is the band’s skill and consistency in adding melody. It’s not cheap, clichéd, sweet melody, either. Brood of Hatred appears as a monolith of cold, unapproachable technicality, but when you listen closely, the smooth prog side starts to show up, and that’s where the bits of melody surface. How does the band do it? I have no idea, but if you like technical-prog growl metal or if you want to hear how these Tunisians do the metal ways, put your thinking helmet on and give this album a listen.
Brood Of Hatred - Skinless Agony (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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