Sunday, September 21, 2014

black metal VOID RITUAL (U.S.): Holodomor (Tridroid Records)

Void Ritual (U.S.): Holodomor (Tridroid Records)
The grim, necro black metal of Void Ritual is fast, intense worship of “Transylvanian Hunger” and “Pure Holocaust.” The throat-destroying screaming and tremolo-is-king guitar playing is surprisingly catchy cave art and is the work of one “Daniel Jackson,” the person behind other entities like Ancestral Oath and Daemonus, according to Metal Archives. Even after hearing this three-song EP about a million times, the charm does not wear off, a good sign if you can’t enough black metal. (By the way, “Daniel” has told this zine that he does/play everything, except the drumming, which is programmed).
If you love black metal, I recommend listening to the EP at the link below and hearing it for yourself.

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