Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unisonic: Light of Dawn (Armoury Records)

Unisonic: Light of Dawn (Armoury Records)
Unisonic embodies excellence in singing and songwriting. If a song sounds like power metal, fine, or if it’s a ballad, that’s ok, too. The glorious singing of Michael Kiske is one main reason why people like Unisonic, which happens to boast a second former Helloweener, Kai Hansen; the band is rounded out by the always-busy Dennis Ward from melodic rockers Pink Cream 69 (He’s also in another 567 or so bands in Germany); Mandy Meyer from older-than-dirt rockers Krokus; and all-around drumming workhorse Kosta Zafiriou.
Unisonic works with a wide range of tempos, from the expected uptempo power metal: “For the Kingdom” and “Your Time Has Come” and everything in between, including the all-out ballad “You and I” that could sell in the millions if the world actually heard it. Shredders, rockers and ballads, you could say, summarize the album as a complete work. The experience and skill of the band are manifested in all the different facets of the sound. Put it this way: it would be very easy to do a song-by-song commentary because all the songs mean quality. Put it another way: I have been listening to this album a ridiculous amount recently. I am not going to use the word “masterpiece” because I prefer to be more reserved and cautious, but let’s just say that I have noticed that some people are already calling it that! Well, ok, that’s what people say when they are excited about a new album. I will say that I think enthusiasts of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Michael Kiske, traditional singing and catchy music would find the album to be a keeper. This one goes in my “Helloween/Gamma Ray” family of albums, as do the other Unisonic recordings.
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