Monday, July 7, 2014

What is "angry stoner hardcore"?: CONNOISSEUR: Stoner Justice (Tankcrimes Release: 8 July 2014)

Stoner Justice
Release: 8 July 2014
Tankcrimes is beyond baked to break out their latest stash of riff-smokers, CONNOISSEUR, with the release of Oakland stoner violence trio’s debut EP, Stoner Justice.
Likening themselves to Earth Crisis if they “smoked weed and listened to Spazz,” bongclobbering Smokeland, California-based CONNOISSEUR burns through hemp field sized riffage with each of the six-pack of jacked-up tracks on Stoner Justice. Raging upbeat/d-beat surges of West Bay powerviolence packed with resin-coated sludgedowns and disgustingly brutal cheeba-charged vocal exhalations consume the listener in a violently stoned, inescapable haze, recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, Oakland (Annihilation Time, Iron Lung, Vhöl, Brainoil). Those who burn down society’s morals and its weed to gutter-crusted pillagers Plutocracy, Spazz, Crossed Out, Dystopia, and of course, Earth Crisis, don’t pass a chance to blaze up with this Smokeland ganja squad.
An earlier version of EP-closer “I Am The Weed,” was previously released on Tankcrimes’ Have You Seen My Mind? Brainsqueeze 2 compilation. The band leveled Eli's Mile High Club on day three of Brainsqueeze (not-so-coincidentally, April 20th) consequently leading to a handshake deal with the Tankcrimes.
The Stoner Justice EP will be available on cassette from your local dealer and via free download, from Tankcrimes on July 8th, 2014.
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