Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the cult is looking for you: Cultfinder (U.K.): Hell’s Teeth (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records)

Cultfinder (U.K.): Hell’s Teeth (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records)
Given that Cultfinder now has two EPs: “Black Thrashing Terror” (2012) and “Hell’s Teeth” (2014), it’s an appropriate time to think about the cult.
Genealogically, the lines might be traced as follows: Venom.
Hellhammer and early Bathory, of course.
early Sodom and early Destruction.
early Sarcófago.
and especially Nifelheim.
Cultfinder features “black thrashing” songs of the devil and hell. Cultfinder has mastered the art of “black thrash”: this “thrash” is caustic and this “black metal” is no hipster haberdash, either. If the genealogy listed appeals to you, know that the band wants you as a listener. If you happen not to know, that’s no problem, either, as long as thrash and black metal are two genres that you support, and want to see converge in an alliance of fire and brimstone. Once you go this path, you might not ever come back. Nor would you want to. Grab your bulletbelt and pentagrams, and let’s go.

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