Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a reminder about a "baby Origin": INSAIN

Insain: Enlightening the Unknown (Kaotoxin Records)
It’s not entirely clear whether the band is now broken up or not, but if so, as a parting statement, they leave behind this 2013-recorded EP. Hyperfrenzied blasting in the crazed-cyborg way, Insain (France) functions as a death metal bulldozer of “brutality” and “blasting” in the way that Origin is a death metal wrecking ball of intensity. Insain might as well be a “baby Origin,” but that’s not a bad thing, if you are into the style. Insain overwhelms the ears with nonstop low guttural growling, some shouting, blasting and a sharknado of heavy riffing to make you dizzy. Did they break up just when things were starting to get good?! www.facebook.com/insaindeath

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