Saturday, May 3, 2014

the modern "dark death metal" of Creature of Judgement from Bangladesh

The band describes itself in the following terms:
CREATURE OF JUDGEMENT is a Dark Death Metal band hailing from DHAKA!! The Metal heart and the capital of BANGLADESH!!
Enlightening the views of dark side, Massive attractions for Extreme Music. In this terra as creature we are human being. We believe that every mortal has to undergo his karma Which creates a grotesque entity inside him. And we call that new born entity Creature Of Judgement.As Creature of Judgement we think ourselves as messengers to this world. As messengers we offer our music which is adhering with dark,discrepant shore of this world. And we interpret the above with our music and lyrical content.
CREATURE OF JUDGEMENT paved the way for the Massive wave of extreme music, creating a brutal yet groovy wall of music influenced by the dark and iniquitous part of tribe and our existence!!

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