Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THRASH Bat (U.S.): "Primitive Age” (Tankcrimes Records)

Bat (U.S.): "Primitive Age” (Tankcrimes Records)
Taking from Venom what they need, using the Exodus attack as they please, raiding the Discharge vault, Motorhead’s crunch to a fault. This is the way of the Bat.
Rejecting the modern studios, playing thrash dirty and furious, the Bat plays no silly game, they say “poseurs” are to blame. This is the way of the Bat.
The shirtless Manowar boys run away, afraid what the Bat has to say. Ego bigger than Metallica and Priest, the Bat eliminates each name from the list. This is the way, the way, the way of the Bat.
Moshers, hoboes and freaks; the Bat in thrashing action. They will insult you, get a reaction. 1987, this volume knob goes to 11. 1988, no, that’s way too late. Travel back in time, the streets and the grime. Five songs, 13 minutes, that’s what you’ll get, and a lesson in violence you won’t soon forget.
Old (old!), ugly (fugly!), analog thrash, that is the way, the way, the way of the Bat!
[FYI: Bat is ex-DRI drummering Felix Griffin; ex-Cannabis Corpse guitaristing Nick Poulus; and bassering/shoutering Ryan Waste—metal show “Living Fast” hostering—from everthrashers Municipal Waste.]

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