Monday, March 24, 2014

the Chilean cult is alive: Lucifer's Hammer

the Chilean cult is alive: Lucifer's Hammer
Lucifer’s Hammer (Chile): "Night Sacrifice” (Shadow Kingdom Records)
Lucifer's Hammer has a hot three-song demo that is a must for those who love the New Wave of British Heavy Metal along the lines of classic Blitzkrieg, Raven, Angel Witch, Satan; and other cult bands like Manilla Road.
I mention those names because these Chileans are very well versed in early 80s classic and cult heavy metal. If you love old heavy metal, then this band will appeal to you immediately. Or at least that's what I think will happen because these riffs, this attitude, this vibe, these songs have been stamped with the mark of heavy metal, straight from the book of heavy metal.
Highly recommend for said listeners.

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