Thursday, March 20, 2014

old-fashioned hippy rock: The Socks (France)

old-fashioned hippy rock: The Socks (France)
According the band itself, they recorded this music live in the studio on analog tapes. Well, it does sound like it was recorded back in the 70s, and I mean that as a good thing, of course, and this does not sound like some garage band, but like a big-time band playing old, classic rock at their peak powers of classic rock; it's a bit bluesy, a bit doom, a bit trippy and hard rocking, too.
The crucial element is that The Socks has a wonderful energy. Sometimes I get the feeling that The Socks could be a bunch of metal dudes who at some point got so frustrated with the studio magic fakeness and the "perfect" albums of "modern metal." The Socks is not the most metal band, clearly. However, the energy, the hard-hitting drumming suggests that, in fact, The Socks is a bunch of metal dudes into 60s, 70s rock.
The drums sound real, you can hear the bass guitar, and you distinguish the guitar riffs and the singer does a good job of giving it his all in his singing style.
Check out the video for "Some Kind of Sorcery" (it's on YouTube) and see if you enjoy the doom, stoner and classic rock spirit of The Socks.

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