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FREE thrashing EP and interview with Thy Blood (China)

FREE thrashing EP and interview with Thy Blood (China)
Thy Blood (China)
These thrashers’ EP, simply called “Thy Blood,” is available for free at Bandcamp. Thy Blood was active 2001-2007 and in 2011 they returned to action. When you hear it, you will notice the skill level and the overall tightness of the execution. Thy Blood is no beginners’ band, and they sound professional. Whether you like Bay Area thrash, the German thrash style or the newer thrash from nowadays, there is something in it for everyone: headbanging riffs, modern growling vocals, songs with a beat, a bit of melodies in places. The five-song EP is: 1.Golden Age (3:38)
2.Blindfold (4:23)
3.Feather (4:15)
4.War (4:15)
5.Polizei (4:24)
The band is comprised of guitarists Jack Chen and Wei, bassist A Gui, screamer Cao Hui and drummer Alain. When this zine contacted Thy Blood about more information about the band, it was the drummer Alain who responded. This is what Alain reveals about Thy Blood. --
Do you have other recordings?
Currently we are in the writing process of the next songs, so for now that's all there is on tape.
What is going on with Thy Blood in China at the moment? You are in Shanghai, correct?
We are writing new songs and hope to start to get some gigs starting in April. Yeah, we are in Shanghai, and actually there's not much going on, so as to say the metal scene is very, very limited. A few big bands made it to China though, Metallica came last year and some other bands like Behemoth, Periphery.
In Shanghai there may be around 20 million inhabitants in the broader region, but there are only a mere 3-5 places where bands can have shows, that’s not including stadiums that welcome bands like the Rolling Stones (they are coming soon).
What are your plans for the band?
Our plan for now is to have a good batch of songs, and then start having shows in the surroundings of Shanghai and the other centers in China, Beijing being the most important (others are Chengdu, Wuhan, etc.)
What happened that made Thy Blood reunite in 2011?
In 2007, the original drummer left Shanghai for Ireland and at that moment it just fell apart for some time. It took 4 years to take things up and get a new drummer and reunite musicians.
What type of jobs do you all have in Shanghai? Is it difficult to find jobs?
Project manager, electronic commerce, computer engineer. Yes, it's not so easy to get jobs here as well. A few of us are project managers in different fields.
Do you think that you will have a website in English in the future? I visited your website, and it looks cool, but unfortunately, I cannot understand Chinese.
For now Bandcamp is our only presence in English. We are considering adding something else to the mix in the future.
Where did you record the EP "Thy Blood"?
We recorded it in our very tiny 12 square meters rehearsal room. There are many recording studios in Shanghai, but not the type that would record Metal bands. For our next release we are thinking of renting some place at least for the drums.
Your song titles are in English. Are the lyrics, too? Well, "Polizei" is German, actually. What do you think about having lyrics in Chinese? or perhaps, you do both?
All our lyrics are in English. On our next release will have both English and Chinese copies of the lyrics.
So, what inspires your lyrics? Most of our lyrics describe our lives and how the society and the government interrelates with it. “Golden Age” is a song about our longing for the 80's rock 'n roll stars. “Feather” is about the Movie Paradise Now.
Thanks for posting the music on Bandcamp! What would you like thrashers outside of China to do to support Thy Blood?
Download our music and share it! Who knows maybe some day we can tour overseas. Thanks a lot for your mail! All the best to you.

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