Monday, March 17, 2014

BLACK METAL Cryptic Forest (Germany): Ystyr” (Einheit Produktionen)

BLACK METAL Cryptic Forest (Germany): Ystyr” (Einheit Produktionen)
The very modern, very competent black metal of Cryptic Forest does not require many listens to become intelligible given the professional sound quality and the polished thrashy, headbanging riffing, and the on-point drumming that quickly attracts the listener’s attention towards the steady and fast approach to the songwriting. Oftentimes the riffs sound like total headbanging thrash, like on “King of Cryptic Forest,” a song that exemplifies an affinity for fast, speedy, 80s thrash riffing, not usually associated with black metal. Another dimension consists of slow, repetitive notes/hooks/melodies, for the “cold” vibe. Then, on a song like the closer “Creatures of the Dark” the band shows off its more melodic metal side, with audible keyboard work and some melodic singing. Overall, the vibe is blasting modern thrashy black metal, however.
The central objective for Cryptic Forest is fast, headbanging metal, and they are good at it. They have a professional production and work the tunes that metalheads from a wide spectrum can understand. The frenetic pace of “Call to War” and “Ystyr” for instance, is downright infectious. Songs like these will easily cause whiplash or other types of neck and back injuries. It’s a double dog dare: Cryptic Forest dares you to not headbang. I bet you can’t do it. You have to do it; and this band knows it, too. No self-respecting metaller will resist the huge speed metal monster riffs.

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