Sunday, January 5, 2014

the mind games of Beastmilk (Finland)

Beastmilk (Finland): "Climax” (Magic Bullet Records)
Here’s the deal: if Glen Danzig joined The Cure (or Joy Division, or The Smiths) then this is what it might sound like (in my imagination, perhaps). I’ll tell you what the buzz is all about: Beastmilk has uptempo punkish/alternativish/gothish songs that are upbeat and danceable, yet the guitar notes do not sound happy; and most importantly, the singer sounds like Glen Danzing (low voices: Elvis, Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen, The Doors’ Jim Morrison, …), with that low to midrange singing style, and a bit of that emo/whiny/melancholy a la The Cure/The Smiths. The songs do actually sound poppy, which is why some people are catching on fast. Well, now that the 80s are back, these cats will be filthy, stinking rich and famous.

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