Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sinheresy (Italy): "Paint the World” (Bakerteam Records)

Sinheresy (Italy): "Paint the World” (Bakerteam Records)
If things go according to the band’s plan, Sinheresy is headed for the top of the rock charts. Full of pop vibes and top hit beats clothed in rock/metal songs, the album bounces with radio/tv/mainstream energies, such as you find in Lacuna Coil or Within Temptation, and perhaps Nightwish, too, given that Sinheresy started out as a Nightwish tribute. Those established bands all appear to be successful business ventures, so it stands to reason that Sinheresy’s objectives would be similar in terms of music in Europe.
The vocal style is the dual midrange singing/screaming, and the higher, more melodic singing. The songwriting is very much hit-oriented, as a younger band that is more upbeat than its older influences. They sound excited, with the desire to make it. At this point, Sinheresy is paying its dues. They have done some shows in the Baltic region, for instance.
Don’t be surprised if Sinheresy is a name that you hear more of in a commercial rock/metal setting. People into a band like Within Tempation, and similar groups, will find lots of positive aspects in the catchy tunes of Sinheresy.

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