Saturday, January 4, 2014

Izegrim (Holland): "Congress of the Insane” (Listenable Records)

Izegrim (Holland): "Congress of the Insane” (Listenable Records)
Some people go on the internet to look up something, and 1 minute later, they already clicked on about 5 other things that they originally were not searching. About 3 minutes later, that person doesn’t even know what they were looking up in the first place. Next thing you know, that person is learning that drinking straws were invented in ancient times as a way to drink mustard when the pyramids were being built in all the continents of the world. Yes, what?
Izegrim is aware of people’s inability to concentrate. They know that nowadays your metal band will get about a 10 second chance on YouTube when someone clicks on Izegrim, before people move on and start clicking on the videos of the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows to watch all the paternity and DNA tests of obnoxious people shouting and insulting each other.
Izegrim, as a modern death/thrash/groove band, has a solution for the short attention span: make songs that waste no time; songs that are under 5 minutes; with a groove that metalheads will grab on to quickly; make it for headbanging; don’t make the songs too complicated; work with energy; make the music moshable; add a bit melody through the guitar solos. Wham bam boom, done.
Eleven songs in some 43 minutes take the Izegrim work ethic to its logical conclusion. The album is paced to go fast, and 40 minutes is a good time frame for the band to show its colors. Essentially, all that’s needed is for young metalheads to hear Izegrim. Once that happens, the band has its foot in the door. In particular, for young listeners, just getting into the heavier, growling, moshing type metal, the band will be a good one to enjoy. Or, when you, young or young at heart, want a band that gets to the business of rocking quickly, that’s the time for Izegrim.

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