Tuesday, January 21, 2014

horrendous cave black metal: Mortem Spiritz (Mexico)

horrendous cave black metal: Mortem Spiritz (Mexico)
Mortem Spiritz (Mexico)
Primal fugly cave black metallers Mortem Spiritz have a demo from 2006 and another from 2008. Now they have a new seven-song recording called “Take Your Sword and Fight with Us.” The music sounds exactly as you would imagine with that title. If you like lo fi barebones black metal (yes, “bad production”), then make your way to Mortem Spiritz. The drums sound like hyper soda cans, the vocals like an angry goblin, the guitar is all about the tremolo. This is fugly black metal and Mortem Spiritz knows how to do it correctly. This complete recording of horrendous speed is available for free at SoundCloud.

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