Thursday, January 16, 2014

FREE: the grind of Cubo de ****** ["Bucket of ****] (Spain)

FREE: the grind of Cubo de ****** ["Bucket of ****] (Spain)
"El último aliento del planeta" ("The Last Breath of the Planet") is the name of these lunatics' recording. It's street punk grind that sounds as stinky as it appears. 18 minutes of ranting and raving about this, that, this other thing right here, and that thing you keep doing that just making them angry. They don't like the government, they don't like your music, they hate their parents. Most of all, they hate bubble gum!!
To paraphrase the gospel according to The Damned:
"I'm gonna scream and shout til my dying breath. I'm gonna smash it up til there's nothing left."
If you like sewer mud grind, then Cubo is for angry gremlin!!

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