Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cyntia (Japan): “Endless World” (2012); “Lady Made” (2013) (Victor Entertainment)

Cyntia (Japan): “Endless World” (2012); “Lady Made” (2013) (Victor Entertainment)
Cyntia believes in making songs rocking in a heavy metal way, but Cyntia also constructs super catchy, happy-joyous compositions, with a very pop, television-friendly style. As a result, the music depends on both the rocking and the sugary melodies to make its point. Cyntia also happens to be very good at its chosen field.
It seems that this style is popular in Japan, but I don’t know in particular how much of a chart-topping success Cyntia is. At any rate, it is clear that the combination of chocolate-sweet rocking songs and a tv-friendly image would inevitably find a sizeable audience.
Cyntia works the upbeat guitar vibe, including some crisp, fast guitar melodies for the uptempo songs. The guitar is from the power metal style, something like a Sonata Arctica/Yngwie-sounding feel. During these songs, the drumming goes at a matching speed, too. These songs are topped off with Saki’s vocal melodies, as well as catchy choruses. As expected, some tracks go at a more midtempo, radio-friendly ear candy beat.
Recommended for people into super melodic happy power metal and rock. FYI: Cyntia has a more recent EP called “Return to Myself” and it appears that the band might be going in a more midtempo direction, an even more hit-oriented style. It’s an EP, so let’s see what happens in the future.
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