Friday, November 29, 2013

Withem (Norway): “Point of You” (Sensory Records)

Withem (Norway): “Point of You” (Sensory Records)
People knowledgeable are already familiar with the batch of high quality traditional, melodic prog metal bands from Norway, headed by veterans such as Pagan’s Mind and Circus Maximus. Bands in this genre build reputations for talent, making their names appreciated amongst the listeners of the style.
Withem’s debut puts the band in a good situation vis-à-vis the genre and its public. Those who will become part of the audience are the picky, elitist, traditional-talent-demanding listeners who prefer singers that can really sing and that do the soaring vocals that touch the sky. Such listeners demand guitar players that shred, solo and play fluid melodies, and skilled rhythm sections, of course.
With this album the band has done a great job of executing three phases of the traditional, melodic prog metal game: ability, songwriting and production. This album is on Sensory Records, a top place for prog metal, which means that before this is published, the band has done serious quality control.
Withem is prog, but all the songs are manageable for simple-minded listeners like myself. The songs are very easy to remember, and that’s a nice break from all the woof-woof zombie metal I have been listening to today. It’s not an exaggeration that Withem writes songs that sound like “hits.” In short, high recommended for the genre’s public.

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