Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aldious (Japan): ”District Zero” (BrightStar)

Aldious (Japan): ”District Zero” (BrightStar)
First and foremost, Aldious albums have always been fast, uptempo and melodic power metal, seemingly influenced by melodic, fast metal from Sweden and Finland, and probably Germany, too. Not a power metal speed fest per se, but the pace is generally on the faster side for sure. The 2013 album “District Zero” continues that tradition. The drummer Aruto and bassist Sawa continue to keep up the speed and uptempo rhythms, and while the guitarists Yoshi and Toki focus on fast riffing, solos as well as melody.
“District Zero” is the first album with new singer Re:NO, who replaces Rami, whose health problems led her to step aside. Breaking down the song sequence, it comes out to some fast, uptempo songs, with a couple of mitempo/slow tracks.
The new singer Re:NO has a voice substantially different from the more traditional singing with screaming done by the previous singer Rami. Re:No works with a rather melodic, very smooth style that shuns super high screaming in general. Re:NO focuses on melody and catchiness, instead. The album in general is a rocking collection, at the tempo and feel found in early Sonata Arctica, before the Finns unfortunately slowed down their music. For this reason, Aldious’ new album is very much a fun, catchy listen.
Aldious has quite a history, with the previous singer Rami, too. In 2009 Aldious releases the EP “Dear Slave,” a speedy, uptempo) short recording. Rami wails on this one. Then, in 2010 it was the full-length album “Deep Exceed.” Once again, Aldious went for a generally fast, uptempo, melodic approach, very much in the traditional, classic-metal style. This was followed in 2011 by album “Determination,” another near-thrash power/heavy album. As always, with Aldious, these albums offer a couple of breaks from the fast pace with a couple of mellower songs.
At any rate, Aldious in 2013, it seems to me, continues their established style with a different singer, but the spirit of the music remains in line with the Aldious tradition, something for which the band’s listening public will be pleased. It’s a bit more melodic than before perhaps, but it is uptempo, fast, rocking, with a couple of slower tracks.

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