Thursday, October 24, 2013

the doom that is arising in Brazil: Mortarium

Mortarium (Brazil)
Mortarium reports that they are working on their debut album, so in anticipation of the album, here’s a bit about their 2012 two-song recording “The Awakening of the Spirit.”
Mortarium sounds like they are finding their way towards bringing together traditional doom, with death and gothic. In other words, there is room that Mortarium is giving itself in order to explore the parameters of doom now and in the future.
I recommend this recording in particular to doomsters who are interested in hearing new bands, bands that are paying their dues, learning their craft along the way. Mortarium is at the beginning phases of what will hopefully be a long tenure in metal.
You can tell Mortarium has the potential to make great doom. The guitars can down tune doom ably, the vocals are melodic and growl, and the pace is plodding and massive.
For those of us who want to hear bands’ demo and early recordings, I think Mortarium will prove an interesting doom band to be on the look out for. These two songs are available for free download, just to get an idea of what's to be.

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