Wednesday, October 16, 2013

straight out of Kentucky: Abominant

Abominant (U.S.): "Onward to Annihilation (Deathgasm Records)
Abominant’s first recording is called “Promo ’94.” Their debut “Unspeakable Horrors” is from 1996, and ever since then, every year or sometimes every two years, Abominant has a new album or EP, and this one “Onward to Annihilation” is their 2013 album, their tenth. 2013 marks 20 years of Abominant.
Twenty years, 10 albums. Here is Abominant, just trucking away at their death metal. Fast, blasting, intense and headbanging are always a given with Abominant, but that is not really the most interesting thing about them, even though those elements are awesome. Instead, consider the guitar work. Abominant is no chugging death metal; it is this black/death/thrash/heavy metal whirlwind in which Abominant creates a veritable rifforama, and nerve-twisting guitar soloing. Abominant is the type of death metal that incorporates other genres of metal very smoothly. More metalheads should give this music a listen because it takes knowledge and vision to be fast, blasting, heavy while re-tooling the death metal framework, and have room for so much other heavy metal music, not just death metal.
Abominant has often demonstrated, sometimes hinted at their heavy metal roots, although not everyone would notice given the overwhelming barrage of brutality and speed inherent in Abominant. Well, Abominant is letting the cat out of the bag and it is called “Hold Your Ground.” This song is NOT death metal, but rather a traditional, fast, street heavy metal track. When I heard this song, I fell out of my rocking chair and broke my hip because it was that shocking. I had no idea Abominant can play traditional heavy metal.
I’m currently recovering from my injury. The doctor says that I’m recovering just fine, for a 79 year-old senior citizen.
Now, it’s official. Abominant can do it all: blasting death metal; a bit of thrash and black metal; and now heavy metal. I had no idea!

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