Tuesday, October 22, 2013

from Bavaria with black metal: Sadistic Sacrament

Sadistic Sacrament (Germany): "Inhuman Baptism”
The secrets of Sadistic Sacrament are there to be found by the black metal explorers. The four songs on this EP will interest based on the execution. It is necro enough, though still clear to hear. This is, it seems, the band’s first recording, but the personality of the band and the songwriting all point towards the potentialities of black metal by Sadistic Sacrament. Beware, however, it is not just potential, but rather the reality of the four songs now. There must be a reason why to keep coming back to these songs. The music on here has a bit of something extra, a quality special. Maybe it is the excitement of a band oblivious to all and playing what it wants to play. It also helps that the songs are easy to remember.
Sadistic Sacrament has issued a challenge to the black metal listener. It is the type of challenge that only fools would decline: check out this EP on Bandcamp for free. The one thing I would ask you to do is to contact the band and send them greetings. Bands like this should know that, yes, here we are, into the black metal. Wonderfully impressive EP the band has done.
www.sadisticsacrament.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/sacramentbm

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