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black metal from Slovenia: Cvinger

Cvinger (Slovenia)
Fugly old black metal, fast and sinister is the calling card of Cvinger. “Monastery of the Fallen” is the name of the EP. Upon hearing the conviction of the music, I was curious as to happenings in the Cvinger camp in Slovenia. Check out what the band has to say. Lucerus (vocals, bass), Bagot (guitars), and Krieg Maschine (drums) responded to the questions. www.cvinger.com
Greetings, Cvinger! How is life for a black metal band in Domžale and Koper, Slovenia?!
Lucerus & Bagot: Hello. We are great, working and stuff. Slovenia have very varied metal music scene. We have a lot of new age melodic death metal and thrash metal, well a little of everything. For us life as a black metal band is great except for the distance difference between Domžale and Koper. But we have our own peace to write and create music. We rehearse in Domžale and if I am not mistaken we are the only Black metal band in Dom¾ale.
Cvinger began in 2012. Now you have your EP "Monastery of the Fallen." What can you tell us about it?
Bagot: We record it ourselves at Truga Studio. That is our rehearsal place and also my studio. We recorded drums and guitar playing the same time in the same place to mention the live feeling, then we over record the guitars, bass and vocals. We used metronome but we didn't really focus on it. We tried to keep it as dry and raw as possible. Too much studio perfection can suck the life out of music and I think we really managed to keep the life in it.
What do you think about the production?
Bagot: With this genre is hard to keep the balance between unclear sounding production and over processed sound. I think we really got this raw and still clear production that really fits the music. Next time production will definitely be different, but I really don't know until we start recording. All I can say is that we will try to keep it as raw as possible.
What can tell us about the drums on the recording?
Bagot: We didn't use triggers while recording, but in the mixing process we had to add some toms and kick. We tried to avoid it but on the end we had to add some software drums to bring out kick and toms.
You have chanting on the EP. It is a bit like blasphemous chanting. Where did you get the idea?
Lucerus: All the chants are mine. Idea of chanting comes form a previous project I and Bagot had, which we later abandon when we started with Cvigner. It sounded blasphemous and that sound remained in my minds while writing lyrics for Cvinger. I believe that chanting and mooning can make a special atmosphere in the song and can bring the listener to all the dark places we have been.
Do you have an overall concept of the type of albums you want to make, with an atmosphere? Bagot: Yes, the EP have overall concept. It is all about medieval atmosphere. But not the folk/ pagan kind. But pure dark medieval times, crucifixions, plague, war… Lyrics and songs aren't directly connected to each other but when you listen to it from begging to end it feels like one story, one journey.
Lucerus: All I want in our music is to be dark, blasphemous, evil, atmospheric, and that the lyrics have a philosophy that some people possibly find it destructive or they are shocked by it. But I am writing it for me and for my pleasure. And if all this things are combined in the songs I don't care how will the whole album look like or how it sounds. I must be satisfied wit it.
The song "Monastery of the Fallen," like all your lyrics, has blasphemous ideas. What is the role of the church in Slovenia?
Lucerus: Years ago was the role of the church much bigger then now, you have to understand that we had communism in our country and the only institution who helped people in Yugoslavia was the church and with helping people churches power got bigger and bigger. Similar happened in Poland. Now everything has changed. Young people do not seek god any more church can't help them neither can the corrupt government which still has a lot of red fucks in it. I could say that In thy kingdom's shadow is a political song, it talks about the church and the government in Slovenia. And yes, I can say that a lot of people are religious in Slovenia, but they believe in god just when they need him.
Which is more powerful in Slovenia, the church or the government? I have read that Slovenia has been affected a lot by the economic crisis in Europe and also that some people in Slovenia (maybe a lot of people) are not satisfied with the state of the economy.
Bagot: Definitely government, but we have corrupted government, that why the crises. I think no one is satisfied in Slovenia exempt politics. More and more Slovenians are migrating out of the country because there are no jobs and even if you have a fulltime job you practically can't afford your own place to live and cover living costs. The church is no better. Recently came out that Slovenian catholic church has taken so many loans that they are bankrupt. I think there is nothing more to say.
Why do you think that it is easier to write against religion, than to write about politics/government/socioeconomics?
Bagot: I don't like to mix politics with the music, they do too much damage on their own. We write songs about medieval times and back then religion had much bigger affect on people. Religion was used for all unexplained and that gives special vibe to write about. Nowadays people still die because of religion beliefs, but I think religions power is slowly vanishing in the dark.
In your lyrics you use some sexist words. Would you say that you are a sexist band? Black metal is often very homophobic. Aren't sexism and homophobia actually very Christian ideas? Lucerus: I write about what I think, what I see and what I feel. I don't care what kind of words or phrases I use. Some people can say I am sexist, but I think I am a person who has a lot of black humor and who thinks with his own head. Homophobia and sexism is not just Christian idea is also Jewish and Muslim, it is the same religion, well they came from the same core. In think if you are against Christian ideas you are also against Jewish and Muslim. But are you against these religions and their believes, or are you also against the people who share these believes and you hate them for it? Any one who hates people because of their believes, religious or not, and he does not make a research about it is an idiot. And he doesn't understand nothing especial what is metal or black metal about. In this times if you want to be heard and rebellious you must be radical, because we live in a shitty place where people are numb.
In the U.S. there are some black metal bands that are attracted to fascism. Slovenia suffered under Italian and German fascism in the 20th century. Are there such bands in Slovenia, fascist black metal bands?
Lucerus: Bagot and I come from a town where Skinhead organization is very strong and a lot of my primary school friends are in this organization. But let me tell you this organizations has nothing in common with nazism they are just a bunch a racist mobsters who believe they are better than others. We have some NSBM bands, but I think that nobody is taking them seriously. These guys do not know anything about nazism or its ideology these people don't understand that 90% of them would be probably killed just because they are not Teutons, if nazis would be running things around here.
Like I sad before, do your research and then walk the walk. But on the other hand I also understand that Slovenia is very wired nation. Open minded for some things and also very narrow minded for others. We have been fucked by everyone, by Italians, Germans, and later by Yugoslavia. Would you be normal if that happened to you? I don't think so.
How much playing live concerts have you done this year? There is certainly enough interest in black metal in Europe for a band to tour a lot, it seems.
Bagot: Yes, I think Europe is black metal capital. We didn't done any gigs jet, we stared playing in December 2012 and the whole time we were concentrating on the EP. In Slovenia we don't have black metal gigs during the summer only festivals. I and Krieg Maschina are moving to Australia in November so I think the first gigs will be there. When we record full length album we will defiantly done some touring, too.
Lucerus: We will start with gigs in the end of the year 2013 and next year we will probably have some rituals on some EU festivals. And if we have a chance we will come to states, too. We will see.
How long has Bagot been playing guitars? How many guitars did he use on the recording of "Monastery of the Fallen"? Does he also play acoustic guitar?
Bagot: I am playing guitar for 8-9 years. My biggest inspiration were definitely Morbid angel. I was playing mostly death metal before Cvinger. I and Lucerus were actually working on death metal EP, but we couldn't find the drummer. Slovenia is very small it is hard to find the missing band member that fits the band and most of the time you have to be satisfied with what you have but: Then I met Krieg Maschine and we just jam and jam. We didn't decide to play black metal but black metal was what was coming out of us. I and Lucerus were always in Medieval stuff, no meter black or death metal the atmosphere would be the same. I used only one guitar well two if we count acoustic guitar. Lately I play a lot of acoustic guitar. I also play bass guitar and drums.
Lucerus has a strong black metal vocal style. Has Lucerus been doing vocals for a long time? How long has he been playing bass? Does he play guitar, too?
Lucerus: I have been singing since i can remember. I studied singing for two years and a half and then started to learn how to scream and growl. I had been in bands for 12 years trying to make my own style of vocals and a lot of ideas for my singing i got from classical music. I am huge fan of classical music. I don't see myself as a good bass player, i am playing it for 4 years now. i think that i am a good vocalist and i can make a lot of great stuff with my voice and my singing technics.
What is Krieg Maschine's philosophy about drums? What does he think about all those metal albums that come out today with the plastic, clicky drum sound?
Kireg Maschine: I need to drum to release all the rage, anger, people bullshit, hatred out of me, witch on the other hand makes my drums heavy, fast and powerful. Drums are essential to my life and are keeping me sane. I think today’s plastic, clicked drums are lifeless, so is the "perfect" production. Personally I don't like it.
Will the songs from "Monastery of the Fallen" be used for the full-length album? Or, will you use new songs only?
Lucerus: We are already writing new material for the full-length album some cover art is also being done an there is a lot of stuff going on in the Cvinger camp. We will not use the songs from our EP Monastery of Fallen I believe we have enough ideas for new songs. Every album or EP we make is chapter for itself and it shouldn't be mixed together with old stuff.
Are you looking for a label to distribute your music?
Lucerus: We are always looking for ways to share our music with people on the net or with labels or distributors. We are already talking with some of them. But we will see what future holds for us.
Bagot: I can add that we have this two month deal with Abyss records but only for promotion. And we are also shooting a music video, which should come out in October or November.
What does Cvinger mean? How can black metal supporters get in contact?!
Bagot: Cvinger is old Slovenian word and doesn't have direct translation. But in the past word was used for cemetery wall where they buried people who committed suicide. During the Turkish invasion the word was used for first defensive wall. All black metal fans can support and get in touch with us via our Official website, Facebook or bandcamp. Any support is welcome. Lucerus & Bagot & Krieg Maschine. Thanks for the interview and supporting new bands and stuff. Bye. THE END.

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