Saturday, September 28, 2013

the grind of Transient (U.S.)

Transient (U.S.): “Transient” (Six Weeks Records)
The main thing that I do not like about this grind recording is that this is not three hours long. Instead, it is only about 20 minutes of excellent raging grind punk in 16 songs. I guess I have “to” be realistic “about” this and just accept that this is not three hours long.
The lunatic screaming made me growl along so much that the bus driver kicked me out of the bus. They thought that a 79-year-old grind freak senior citizen had lost all sanity. I had to walk home with my bad back and bad left eye. Dangit Transient! You see what you did!
Nobody wants to mosh with me because they think that they are going to hurt me. Hey, kids, guess what, munchkins, if I get hurt, that’s not a problem because that’s what hospitals are for! I can dial 911 just fine. Stop complaining, just get in the pit, you snotface wimp!
If you love grind, Transient has a huge bowl of sugar for you. Come get your sugar!
By the way, I would like angrier lyrics about capitalism, imperialism, racism, sexism and everything else, too. C’mon, kids, you gotta get angry about this disgusting system. Transient….aaaarrrggggghh!!

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