Monday, September 9, 2013

power metal: Destrose (Japan): "Destrose"

Destrose (Japan): ”Destrose” (Flyingcat Records)
With the headbanging power metal exciter of a first song called “Headless Goddess” the intentions of Destrose are clear. In case there is doubt, “Sword of Avenger” and “Skykiller” follow in similar fashion of uptempo rockers.
So far, so good; do they keep up the energy? “Destination” and “Romancer” answer in the affirmative big time; and really, the rest of the album continues in that style and tempo, sometimes ratcheting up the energy even more, although overall, it is an even, uptempo power metal approach throughout.
The audience into melodic power metal now has a new album to search: high singing; memorable guitar riffs and solos; energetic and/or double bass drumming; and songs that are easy to remember. 2013 sees Destrose—after years of demos and singles—publish the first full-length album. The long wait and hard effort have been worth it, as they have composed a work with no filler. All the songs are very enjoyable, fun and rocking. Air guitar time is here.
The audience for Destrose is people into melodic, upbeat bands like Sonata Arctica, Helloween, HammerFall and other similar bands. More specifically and importantly, on this album they are at that phase in their career where they are super excited to be rocking and they very much sound like it.
In short, highly recommended for power metallers into upbeat, happy, rocking melodies.

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