Monday, September 16, 2013

grunting zombie death metal Monday: Ferocity (Denmark)

Ferocity (Denmark): "The Sovereign” (Deepsend Rec.)
In this pit of zombies called Ferocity, what takes precedence is the pyrotechnics of microphone-cupping, knuckledragging, blasting and slamming severe guttural death metal. Whistle along, tap your foot, snap your fingers or bounce off the walls, it’s all alright as long as you hear the blazing-breakdown zombie cookie monsters slobber all over their instruments with hammers and saws, because…that’s what they do….that’s what they do!
How these rabid rabbits of rapid racket rampage and throw in some melody (yes, zombie melody, ugh-argh!) in this whopping tofurky of heaviness, is beyond my low IQ comprehension. Yet, there is, amidst the blasting and slamming, quick fixes of melody shine through the empty eyes of the zombies.
Sweaty bodies, stinky bodies, sore necks and hurting bones will circle around until Ferocity plays the last song. It’s not a secret game: Ferocity has its goal set on blasting and slamming frenzy. The disgusting fugliness of death metal has been calling Ferocity to bring this message to you. Refuse not the fugly repugnant.

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