Sunday, September 15, 2013

dazed and confused by the blastattack: Crypt Infection (U.S.)

Crypt Infection (U.S.): "Haruspication” and advance tracks from the upcoming album this year
“Know your audience.”
This band does. “Crypt”… “Infection,” get it? “Infecting the Crypts” by Suffocation!
The band does not know it, but I have been intercepting all their private communications, and it turns out that Crypt Infection is working on an album for this year.
Meanwhile, their 2010 EP “Haruspication” (from the ancient Greek for, “Growl and blast 24/7, destroy instruments.”) is perfect for causing neck injuries. Six compositions of microphone-gurgling, drum attack, string destruction that make me do the Frank Mullen death metal blasting handquake! Crypt Infection is all about the bröötalz death. The guitar solos are performed at warpspeed arthritis level. If you listen closely, you will also notice something shocking: the songs are pretty catchy and there is even a little hint of melody hiding behind the cookie monster ferocity.
As I was telling you, I have stolen this band’s secret communications. In fact, let me tell you about the upcoming album. Crypt Infection in 2013 has become an even sicker band. The guitar work makes my hand nerves feel the pain just listening to this; and the vocals take microphone-eating to a more disgusting level of intensity. Nasty sounds. The melodies are showing up a bit more, but you need to get your ear close to the whirlwind of bröötalität to hear it. “Osteophagist,” for instance, is a hit with my trustworthy ghetto blaster boombox in the basement of my grandma’s house.
If these three songs are anything to go by, Crypt Infection is going to knock it out of the park. People into the crazy technical blasting death metal should be rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to jump into the moshpit. Watch out for those elbows headed your way. “Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge!”

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