Saturday, September 21, 2013

"black n roll": Sarke (Norway)

“black ‘n’ roll”
Sarke (Norway): Aruagint (Indie Recordings)
Sarke is often known because the vocalist is Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto. I had heard the music before, but this is my first time listening to a complete album by Sarke, which is the name of the founder of the band: Sarke is the drummer in the slow-ish, rock-ish black metal-ish band Khold, which, to me, makes some of the most boring “black metal” that I have ever heard in my 79 years of life.
How is Sarke’s music? Well, it all depends how look you at it. Sarke is this groovy midtempo rock with gremlin vocals. People who like it cite the “psychedelic” or “grooves” as the reason; and it is those things. Do you like post-rock “grooves”?
Speaking for myself, this is so boring—no speed, no rocking, no riffs, no melody, no intensity—that I cannot find the patience to make it to the end of the album. I have to stop it because it is boring me to tears. Please stop, Sarke.

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